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Pure Integrity Soy Candles

Our soy candles burn off clear, final extended and burn off evenly. Our Revolutionary Fragrance Technological know-how enables us to generate exceptionally powerful scented and terrific doing soy candles! Our fragrances also exceed probably the most stringent environmental expectations, such as California Proposition sixty five.
This suggests . . . extremely strong, pure, and amazingly practical fragrances so that you can love!

Below you will find an image, description, connection and scent energy rating of every of our soy candle fragrances we currently supply. Our Scent Energy rating process is based over a the vast majority’s interpretation of scent energy when burning. The encounter of fragrance may differ tremendously from one particular particular person to another, and just one residence to a different. You may also enjoy viewing our fragrances structured by scent toughness or by candle collections.

About Our Fragrances

We’ve got taken many ways to deliver the healthiest and finest scented candle in the marketplace these days! In an effort to generate a cleaner & much healthier candle, Pure Integrity goes way further than just employing a hundred% all-natural soy wax and cotton wicks.
Our Modern Fragrance Technologies enables us to use much more fragrance than almost every other candle we know available. Hence the scent throw is outstanding. But additionally, you will observe how serious our fragrances odor. We do not make fragrances in the identical way given that the business requirements; we make them much healthier and far better!
Most scented items on the market, like most candles, contain practically nothing but lots of synthetic chemicals. We did not want our family members being exposed to most of these toxins. Our original program was to make use of nothing but organic crucial oils, essences and/or extracts. Having said that, Many of these normal ingredients usually are not secure in their pure state when burning. Some of them are really flammable; some are unstable and are altered when subjected to warmth; some will burn off and for that reason throw minimal to no scent; and just a few of these all-natural components continue being inside their all-natural point out.
Hence, we formulated a technological innovation to choose a lot of natural compounds and make them stable when burning. To accomplish this we use a variety of organic compounds and steady artificial natural compounds for making fragrances that are not only healthier but smells greater! We use quite a few special strategies to isolate and stabilize the most effective scented compounds.
All our Ground breaking Fragrances are developed to generally be phthalate cost-free and exceed essentially the most stringent environmental specifications, like California Proposition sixty five.
I would want to go a person action additional in speaking about the overall health great things about Pure Integrity Candles. Contrary to popular belief, most soy candles are usually not even soy. Most soy candles use a little bit of soy wax and blended with paraffin wax (that’s comprised of petroleum oil). But, they could lawfully call it soy wax. We use a hundred% all-natural soy wax, that’s created by including hydrogen to soybean oil, so that you can allow it to be stable.


our candles are 100% vegan (no animal items and no animal testing).
For those who are trying to find a fantastic scented candle that’s healthier, then look no more. Customers generally to start with attempt our candles because they are wanting out for their loved ones’s wellbeing, but they hold returning as the Pure Integrity Candles smell better. I believe once you burn up one of our amazing candles you won’t ever want to go back to another model.Here we hand pour our Golf Candles

This one certainly you have no Command around. Unfortunately, using some crucial oils,(not all essential oils are Safe and sound to be used in candles), synthetic scents, as well as other additives that a lot of other candle makers employ, lead to candles that create plenty of soot and toxins. Things such as UV inhibitors, chemicals to help make candles appear creamier, far more rigid, and many others. The record goes on and on. All these substances increase to the toxicity as well as the soot production of candles. Independent assessments have demonstrated that some candles create one hundred occasions the quantity of soot made by other candles.

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