NFL lines are much more heavily bet, so more likely to be tight

The betting volume on even the least popular NFL game of the week is higher than all but the most marquee of college games. That means that oddsmakers are going to put more effort into setting NFL lines than they might for some college games, and that any mistakes in the lines are very quickly going to be corrected by the market in the NFL. Sports bettors may be able to find success in college football by trying to spot lines that pack a lot of value, but they can’t in the NFL.More public action on NFL – On the flip side to the last point, the heavier NFL betting action means that there is more public action. There are teams out there that the public loves, and others that they just don’t. The Patriots and Colts will almost always draw more action than their opponents, for example. In some cases public action can force oddsmakers to adjust the line in order to try to keep action balanced and their exposure limited. That can provide opportunities for astute bettors, and those opportunities can be more common in the NFL.Hard to find an obscure game in the NFL – เว็บแทงบอล UFABET In college you can often find a good opportunity by focusing on games that most people aren’t focusing on. Obscure football college games don’t draw much betting action, so they don’t get as much attention from the oddsmakers. That means that you can often find a very soft line. As we said before there is no such thing as an obscure NFL game, so this opportunity doesn’t exist in the same way.

The public is getting more and more informed

Information more widely available for NFL – The public is getting more and more informed in the NFL because more and more information is available to them. They can get the same injury reports and lineup news that the most dialed in expert can get. Fantasy football has helped the public understand football better as well, and get a better sense of what makes teams succeed. It’s not impossible to find information in the NFL that isn’t widely known or acted on, but it’s pretty close. In college football, and especially in the mid-major conferences, information can be much harder to come by, so more people are making bets with incomplete information. The more information you have, then, the bigger edge in college. That’s not nearly as true for the NFL.More teams in college – This one seems painfully obvious, but it’s still very important. There are 32 teams in the NFL. It’s not hard for someone to have a good grasp on each of them and what they are capable of. With 120 teams in college football it is much, much harder to have a good understanding of what teams are capable of and how they are performing. Whereas football handicappers can bet on the NFL as a whole, then, it’s much harder to succeed betting on college football without specializing to an extent and only focusing on certain teams.

Key Numbers for Betting on Football Games

Key numbers – that’s one of those concepts that most sports bettors have heard of, but fewer understand what they are and why it is important. Key numbers are an important part of NFL and college football handicapping, and if you don’t ‘get’ them then you are working at a disadvantage. Let’s make sure we all understand them, shall we?Key numbers in football deal with the margin between the number of points the winning team in a game scores and the points scored by the loser. Painfully obvious example – if the score in a game is 28-17 then the margin we are concerned about here is 11. Within reason pretty much any margin is possible in a football game – certainly any one or two digit margin. As expert sports handicappers know, there are some margins, though, that are considerably more common than others. The numbers that are the most common are called key numbers.The most significant key number is three. In a study of 17 years worth of games, the winning margin was found to be three in 15.1 percent of the games played. Why is that? Well, think about how often a football game is tied until a team kicks a field goal in the closing seconds. Or how often teams trade points back and forth with only a field goal being the difference.

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